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Public Display or Call in the Air Strike

A night of could of beens and has beens descends on the city of my birth. These jokes and over played misconceptions grow old by the minute as I search for just one good thing to say or hold onto, one pleasant thought. Surprise I'm in a bar listening to the nonsense of 15 people that should be killed before they reproduce. They breed like Roaches and seem to be indestructible. These people are like Styro-foam durable in their existence. Quickly ducking clues and walking through fire without a scratch. My problem is I do care. I do give a flying pig fucking shit. I'm searching for a custom fit on an off the rack world. Venting every day, save me from getting the high powered rifle and climbing to the top of the bell tower. This is my view of the world and the improvements that I feel would make it better. So lets get started.


  1.  Outlaw all songs that are over 3 1/2 minutes long.
  2. The return of public display as punishment for being a smuck. This would include the offender being tied to a post and then those in attendance could purchase rotten fruit and vegetables to throw at the offender. One could be sentenced to this for things like writing a check in the cash only isle at the supermarket, cutting you off when there's no one behind you, playing that god damn Doors song over and over, using the word dude or bra, wearing white after labor day, wearing sandals in public places other then the beach, not being able to dress in a stylish matter, having a "No Fear", "If you don't like my Driving then call 1-800-EAT-SHIT", and/or "this car stops at all________" stickers on their car, yelling at their kids in public, and/or just plain being a jerk and helping to add to the hell that is life.
  3. Make anyone thinking of, planning too, or having a child take some kind of test to prove they are fit to be parents.
  4. Lower the drinking age to 12 and making it mandatory that everyone must get drunk at least 6-12 times yearly. Why you ask ? Because these people need to let loose more often. All Pro Choice and/or other right wing wackos that want to try and control other people's bodies must adopt at least 5 unwanted children before they can protest anywhere.
  5. Force feed cigarettes to children and get them hooked early so there will be less that reach adulthood which would just mean more for us.
  6. Tax Religion and let them have to pay for telling the rest of us what to do and what laws to pass.
  7. Legalize drugs and tax the fuck out of them and get those people away from me. Move all the Racist's to Utah or Idaho and leave them there with no contact with the outside world. So the can inbreed to the point where their kids have 3 arms.
  8. Video tape Clinton 24 hours a day and sell the sex tapes so the press can get on to more important things.

Of course most of this is tongue in cheek but then again.......................

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