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The Teenage Frames - More Songs, Less Music

The Teenage Frames - More Songs, Less Music

There is a few bands that just shake you out of whatever shitty ass mood you may be in and put you into a stupid, smile on your face mood. They have that hip mid 60s/70s mod sound that made bands like the Who, the Stones and the Jam. The boys from Chicago have all the Teenage anthems to shake away your blues.


The only complaint that I can give ya, is that recording levels are a bit low. Which means that this record must be played at high volume. Some of the power of their live (in person feel) is lost. In other words I don't feel the record shows their full potential. This of course has to be taken with a grain of salt, that this is a DIY self produced item. In many ways a tease and makes seeing them even better.



CD01/ROCK & ROLL RECORDS/2354 S Goebbert RD #2061/Arlington Hts., IL 600005/708-640-9112

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