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At the Show

At the Show #3 - November 2016 Part Two

I've going to shows since the mid 80s and promoting/talent buying off and on since the 90s. There are periods that stand out. Where all the stars aligned and I either saw a great number of shows or booked a number of shows in a short period of time. November was one of the biggest. November 2016 will go down in the history of Des Moines Live music and Lefty's Live Music as a month of incredible music. Oh and this is just the highlights. When you see about 20 or so shows a month often it's hard to remember everyone that stood out. So, if you aren't mentioned here.

Personal Blog

The End of Work

What if you never had to work again, what would you do with all the free time? Think about about that for a minute. Now I'm not talking about being independently wealthy but a safe net with enough income to cover your basic needs like shelter, utilities, clothing, food, etc... How would you define your life and spend your time?


At the Show

The Music Must Be Good Cause the Musicians Go There

This is the very first blog in a series that is about my experiences as a talent buyer at Lefty's Live Music. It will be part, here's who has played, who's going to being playing, why they are important and lastly a sounding board for some of my personal ideas and advice when it comes to live music, promotion, being a musician and all the wonder that goes with it. The plan is to try to do one at least a month but as you know I'm a busy guy who is often stretched thin but I'll give it a shot if you will. 


Personal Blog

Fear of a good Time

A while back I was watched a Ted Talk with Chris Thomas King and he reminded me of something I thought was a given but may need additional pointing out. Blues the music style isn't named after an emotion but the French uses of the word Blue as something being Risque. Somehow in popular 21st century American culture we have flipped a good time with a little danger involved into something that means depression.

Playlist Blog

The New Sounds Of Punk

If you would have asked me 30 years ago that I'd be writing a blog about the latest punk release in June of 2017, I would have first asked, "What the hell is a blog?" and then dismissed it because everything that could be Punk, had already been Punk. Yes, that would have been 1987 and in a lot of way I really felt the whole thing had ran it's course. Further more I wouldn't have in my wildest dreams be including new music from TSOL and the Descendents because they had broken up. 


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