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Music History

Chapter 05 - Shawn's Safari

Shawn Crahan of slipknot had been talking about starting a club for some time. To be honest I just kind of blew it off as talk but in mid January of 97, he stopped by the studio with Paul and told me he was buying Safari. I knew he had been talking to Tony off and on for a while about taking over the club but nothing had came of it until then. I think just about everyone was, "Shawn why are you buying that dump." but Shawn had a vision in his mind. I think he took over running the club around the same time and began cleaning the place up and painting.

Body Art

DaVo's Leg Tattoos

The first leg work I got was a band wrapping around my left ankle. Then after looking through Modern Primatives way too many times I decided to get the lizard but I wanted it a little different. So I changed what the lizard was holding to an eyeball and bomb. I guess to me it's kind of like a balance between insight and destruction. The scar or blank line toward the bottom is from the last Have Nots show. A piece of Paul's flying V guitar flew at my leg and cut it open. They were both done by Birdman back in 95.


Music History

Slipknot History

What you are about to read is story about friends. I don't remember dates as well as I used to and the time line maybe a little screwed up. Really what this is a store about my friends, my buddies told kind a in the same way you tell stories about your pals to your girl when you're too drunk to notice that your she doesn't care and is planning just how to get rid of you. Slipknot is, always was and always will be a gang of friends and drinking buddies.

Personal Blog

Paul Gray Left Us Yesterday

I and the Axiom lost a great friend and supporter of 16 years yesterday. There is no way to express the impact Paul had on my life as a friend, business partner, band mate and general partner in crime. Paul was one of the reasons that often when I felt it was time to pack it in, I kept promoting shows or kept on piercing. He was the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it even when he had nothing. He will greatly be missed.


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