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Body Art

DaVo's Arm Tattoos

I started on my left sleeve way back in 1991 and worked on it off and on until 1997. There's a lot of images in there that cover that part of my life. I figured I might as well start at the wirst and work my way up. Wrapping around my wrist I have a tribal design of interlocking crescent moons with my birth date and symbols of my life at the time (dice, cross, horseshoe, skull, musical note, and martini glass). The symbols tend to set the mood of the sleeve and are repeated and used along with other symbols (whiskey bottles, stars, moons, plants, hearts and etc..) as fill.


Body Art

DaVo's Leg Tattoos

The first leg work I got was a band wrapping around my left ankle. Then after looking through Modern Primatives way too many times I decided to get the lizard but I wanted it a little different. So I changed what the lizard was holding to an eyeball and bomb. I guess to me it's kind of like a balance between insight and destruction. The scar or blank line toward the bottom is from the last Have Nots show. A piece of Paul's flying V guitar flew at my leg and cut it open. They were both done by Birdman back in 95.


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