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I was sitting at Lefty's a few weeks back and the subject of the upcoming show with the Wood Chickens came up and I said, "They're Cowpunk." This brought more than a few blank stares from those around me. A few of which I knew were fans of Nine Pound Hammer, Hank III, and the countless modern versions of Cowpunk. Yet this term meant not a thing. So, I moved on to naming bands, Blood on the Saddle and Tex and the Horseheads first came to mind followed by the Knitters. still nothing.


Playlist Blog

DaVo's Best of 2016

I know it's a few months late but I wanted to create a list of my best of 2016. What is include is more of a representation of music that I felt stood out. There is a lot of music from bands and artist that just aren't on Spotify. What this collection is either from Albums released in 2016 or new bands that I was exposed to 2016. I'm sure I missed a few but here is a good overview of my musical life in 2016.


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