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Agent Orange - Living in Darkness

OK this is a classic and one of the records that helped define the Orange County sound. This was the first Punk record I bought way back in the dark ages. Agent Orange even though they did sue the Offspring and really have gone down hill since, it still stands up today. The lesson to be learned here is not to make promises your not going to keep like "The public gets what they deserve not what they demaned unless we all decide to be a business instead of a band" cause it might just bite you on the ass. They mix Surf & Punk to create a sound under dark lyrics that is their's alone.


Architects – Revenge

The history of the Architects starts with the Gadjits. The cute teen band from the 90s that wore those Twotone suits and played Skacore. I had booked them into the old Safari club a number of times but lost track of them soon after they signed to Hellcat. So, when my friend Sophia brought up this band from Kansas called the Architects as possible opening for the US Bombs show in Omaha, I was a little taken a back when she mentioned that they used to be in the Gadjits. She went on to say it was one of the best independent CDs she had heard in a while. I made a mental note and moved on.


Die Huns - You Rot Me

The Huns have been a side project for US Bombs/Skateboard legend Duane Petters since 2000. Through a number of line-ups they had tour everywhere and put out a three albums. As fate with have it Duane ran into Corey Parks at a Damned show in LA in 2002 After talking about what she had been up to since leaving Nashville Pussy. The suggestion was made that they should do something together. The combination clicked and Corey became the permanent bass player and later Duane's wife. Changing the name to the Die Huns, they released 'Long Legs'.


Adolescents O.C. Confidential

How can I put this, ah, um, it's the fucking Adolescents!!!!! Long before there was Epitaph Records, Offspring, Pennywise, countless other OC bands there was the Adolescents. Formed out of former members of Social Distortion, Agent Orange and other less known OC bands, the Adolescents came to represent the shinning hour of the OC punk that would lead the break into the mainstream.


Zeke - Super Sound Racing

When you hear Zeke for the first time you wonder if these guys can play any faster. The answer is no. Straight ahead seat of the pants Punk Rock. There is not a thing about these guys that says new school not a pair of baggy pants in the bunch. This is the band that would scare all the grungers out of the club. Which is only fitting since they hail from Seattle (and you thought all the bands from Seattle played metal riffs and shot heroin).

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