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I don't know what sparked this. Maybe my son Quinn's interest, a want to lose a few pounds or who knows but I just recently bought a Mongoose and have began riding again. Of course not at the level that I once did. For the most part I haven't touched a bike or a skateboard for that matter in 15 or so years. Riding again has brought back some old feelings of freedom that I had forgotten about. That feeling I used to get riding alone in a parking lot at 3am or going at break neck speed 20 or 30 miles a day in the many tracks I would take across Des Moines in my Youth.

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20 Skate Rock Songs

If you went to Hardcore Punk shows in the 80s, it went without saying that there would be a few Skateboards rolling around outside. Both hardcore Skating and hardcore Punk had gone through the same transition around the same time so it isn't a surprise that both hitched a ride with the other. They not only shared a birthday but location. Evolving out of the Suburbs and cities of Southern California. It is safe to say that they share the same aggressive gene and roots. As many of the early Hardcore Punks came from a surfing and skating background.

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