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The Art of being a Hold Out

This one has been rattling around in my head for sometime and as I take a break from my current distract, I think it's about time to empty it into here. The two common questions I get asked are; How is business? and What is the strangest piercing you've ever done? Well, the longer I'm in this business the more complex the answer gets. Though often my common response is Good and I don't do strange piercings.


Body Art

DaVo's Body Art

Hello my name is Davo (Dave-o) and I own and operate the Axiom in Des Moines, Iowa. We specialize in Body piercing which I have been doing professionally since May of 1994. I apprenticed under Chuck Hayes at Exotics in Omaha in 1994. I began piercing at Creative Images on June 1st, 1994 and then left to open the Axiom, which opened on March 28th,1995. Then moved into the Skin Kitchen in October of 1999. Body piercing to me is my art form and I see it as an enhancement and reclaiming of the body.


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