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Vlog 19

DaVo's Personal Vlog number 19 and DaVo's Best of 2017. With live footage from Rig time!, The Toasters, Come out fighting, Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys, Mt. EDDY, Emily Davis & The Murder Police, Captured by Robots, Swingin' Utters, Fort Defiance, The Atom Age, Koffin Kats & Gutternouth.

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DaVo's Best of 2016

I know it's a few months late but I wanted to create a list of my best of 2016. What is include is more of a representation of music that I felt stood out. There is a lot of music from bands and artist that just aren't on Spotify. What this collection is either from Albums released in 2016 or new bands that I was exposed to 2016. I'm sure I missed a few but here is a good overview of my musical life in 2016.


Playlist Blog

Punk Rock's Radio - The Compilations Part 1

Let me put on my old man hat for a minute, OK, Uggchaakosdsem, right, back in the years before the internet and before punk rock was played the radio, you had to seek out music. You couldn't sit on the couch and let it come to you, like a hunter gatherer you had to get out there into the wilderness and dig, prod and generally take chances. Even those that were in the know, rarely had heard the records they were seeking. Maybe they had a clue based on other things the band had put out or maybe one of the guys was in this band or that.

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Des Moines Punk Rock Takeover

Oh yes the Punk Rock the curse and the joy of my life. That evil mistress that first called me many bad ideas ago and still makes the hair on my neck stand on end. Though my musical taste may have branched out over the years, it's still the bench mark and maybe that was what is was always meant to be. It wasn't so much a movement as much of a standard to which everything that came after should be held to. Maybe I'm prejudicial because though Punk might not have not been my first musical love interest, it's been my longest.

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