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I don't know what sparked this. Maybe my son Quinn's interest, a want to lose a few pounds or who knows but I just recently bought a Mongoose and have began riding again. Of course not at the level that I once did. For the most part I haven't touched a bike or a skateboard for that matter in 15 or so years. Riding again has brought back some old feelings of freedom that I had forgotten about. That feeling I used to get riding alone in a parking lot at 3am or going at break neck speed 20 or 30 miles a day in the many tracks I would take across Des Moines in my Youth.

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I love my bicycle, BMX,, Broken parts and Evil Kenevil

I've covered this subject in the past and in fact have a whole page/section that is about nothing but bmx. It covers the past, my interests and who was involved but it really doesn't go into my love affair I had with it or what is going on now. In a recent conversation with my friend Stacie, she commented that I tend to always be obsessed with something. Not really in a negative way but in a passionate way. Well, BMX was my really first love and obsession and the first real sub-culture that I was involved with.

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