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2012 Holiday Letter

Every year my mother would write one or two page letters. It would usually include a family photo or a photo of her pride and joy my son Quinn and my nephew Conner and an overview of what had happen that year. When I was a kid they were these handwritten photo copy letter and then as we entered the computer age it turned into computer printed letters. As she got older this increasingly became a struggle to get out the 150 or so letter and my sister and I became increasingly involved.

Personal Blog

Free Wrist and Addictive Shut In Activities

I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about my broken wrist. It has been rather life consuming for me. However that all changed today. My left wrist is officially free of the slavery of restrictive casts, braces and general forms of bondage. I've missed that freedom. It cost me 6 weeks of work. It made opening jars difficult, eating and other daily activities were burdened by it's limited bending and twisting abilities. I'm still dealing with some stiffness and have to do some stretching exercises to get it back to normal.

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The Art of Falling Down

Yes it is true, I'm once again typing with all ten of my digits. For those that didn't know, I broke my wrist on September tenth. I was Skating Boarding with my son across the street from my house in the Union Hall parking lot. I had come up with the idea of seeing who out of the two of us could manual the furthest. Which was me though Quinn claims to have beaten me. I was demonstrating the fine art of shifting your weight back and forth to gain balance, When, I can only guess was lack of speed, the board suddenly shot forward and out from under my feet.

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To That One Issue Voter

Usually I try to stay away from politics, I've been told over and over it's bad for business. Kind of like sport teams or your choice of operating systems, we tend to define ourselves by who we chose to vote for and support. There is a reason why people say, "_________ is my man" or "I'm a __________ man", it because when entering the poles, we tend try and find the person that has a viewpoint and beliefs that are close to our own or as often the case someone that is the lesser of what we consider two evils.

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Productive Time Wasting

Regardless of your schedule we all have free time at some point and I tend to seem to always have a great deal of it. Even when the Studio is busy, I still may have a couple of hours of down time and as a stimulation junky, I like to keep busy. When I first started piercing I had this vision that I was at last going to have that time to write that novel I'd always dreamed of or maybe take some college courses but neither of them came to past. That is unless you count this site as that book, God knows there is enough content here for a novel.

Personal Blog

43 Years Of Bad Ideas

Every year I spend my birthday reflecting on what advancements or changes there have been in my life. So today during my shower and on the car ride to work, in fact, I do a majority of my best writing in the shower or on my drive to and from work. It is one of the few times when I really can focus. I think it is safe to say that I've written at least 20 novels and about 25 collections of poetry while driving or showering. The problem is that often, I didn't bother to write any of it down but I feel that it's important to ferment ideas during times when I have little or no distractions.

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