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Personal Vlogs

DaVo's Vlog #5

My 5th Personal Vlog. In this one I give a Guide Tour and short history of the build and the venues located at 2307 University Ave in Des Moines. This was the location of Safari Nite Club, Hairy Mary's and currently Lefty's Live Music.


Also live music from Emily Davis and the Murder Police, Barnyard Stompers and Mountain Sprout.


Agent Orange - Living in Darkness

OK this is a classic and one of the records that helped define the Orange County sound. This was the first Punk record I bought way back in the dark ages. Agent Orange even though they did sue the Offspring and really have gone down hill since, it still stands up today. The lesson to be learned here is not to make promises your not going to keep like "The public gets what they deserve not what they demaned unless we all decide to be a business instead of a band" cause it might just bite you on the ass. They mix Surf & Punk to create a sound under dark lyrics that is their's alone.

Promoting Shows

Lefty's Live Music

Lefty's Live Music is located at 2307 University Ave in Des Moines, Iowa. The location has a long history as a music venue dating back to Safari Nite Club and Bag's in the 1990s. After an eight year period of the building housing a college bar, owners Erik and Anne, remodeled and updated the building to create one of the finest venues in the Des Moines area. For more information about the venue and up coming events go to Lefty's Website.


The Spec:

Promoting Shows

DaVo the Talent Buyer

Since 1996, I've spent roughly 10 years off and on working as an independent promoter or talent buying in the Des Moines area. Mostly at the 2307 University Ave location. Though I have co-promoted shows in Omaha and Sioux City and done shows at other venues. During this I've worked as an independent promoter under the business name of Axiom Promotions and a talent buyer at Safari Nite Club, Hairy Mary's and currently Lefty's Live Music.


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