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Punk Rock Love Songs

February 13th, 2013

As I stood in line at the store looking over the thousand Valentine's day merchandise that flooded the place, a realization came to me, at the age of 43 there has only been a hand full of VDs that I wasn't in fact single. Call it luck or maybe planned but there have been only a few times that I have in fact did the whole Valentine's Day thing. It always seemed that we either broke up right before or something came up.


The thing is that I don't think I missed a thing. Call me strange but I've always felt that doing something for that important person in your life meant more when there wasn't a set annual date pressuring you into it. Fact is that I never needed a reason to take a girl out to dinner and get a hotel room though it does seem a little less sleazy on February 14 then say on Tuesday November 5th. Maybe in a way it's more romantic but there has always been a part of me that felt it meant more for me to get up at 6am and clean the ice and snow of my girl's car than it did to blow a bunch of money on dinner and wine.


Then again my idea of romance has always been a little twisted out of shape and often confused the hell out most of the women that I clumsily tried to woo. Now this could just be me or it could in a way been from the general influence of the punk rock. When it comes to Punk Rock and love it's a rather mixed bag and often there is a feeling that it's just a little off. Now don't get me wrong there are some great heart felt love songs even on this list but there has always been this part to the platform of punkdom. Which can be traced back to a backlash to 70s pop music.


As a victim of that area, there are a number of things that drove me to punk rock including; soft cords, over produced music, ugly clothes, singer song writers, Disco, the Beatles and pointless love songs. There is also the Hollywood ideal of romantic ends that become infused into western culture. Yes, I will admit I still get sucked in when the oddball and goofy guy against all odds gets the hot girl at the end of the movie but let's face it, that is pure fiction. Oh and call me jaded but this idea of the magical soul mate that is prefect for you is also pure fiction invented by screen writers and fundamental christians. 


Either way you look at it often when punk bands wrote love songs or songs about relationships, it was rare that it was about birds, flowers and rainbows. In fact often they expressed a much more darker side of the turmoil and humor that surrounds human sexuality. Celebrating more dysfunction than anything and the struggle that revolves around it. This collection run the gambit from warm fuzzy to dark despair with a few laughs thrown in. I'm not sure that it would be a soundtrack to a hot night with the date but it is some of the finest that punk rock has to offer. So to everyone out there have a wonderful VD.