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The New Sounds Of Punk

Some of the Best Punk and Related Music Recently Released or Soon to Be

If you would have asked me 30 years ago that I'd be writing a blog about the latest punk release in June of 2017, I would have first asked, "What the hell is a blog?" and then dismissed it because everything that could be Punk, had already been Punk. Yes, that would have been 1987 and in a lot of way I really felt the whole thing had ran it's course. Further more I wouldn't have in my wildest dreams be including new music from TSOL and the Descendents because they had broken up. 


At some point after a long discussion over a number of coffees one night back in the 1980s, the panel of about 8 Punk Rockers I was hanging out with decided that each Punk generation lasts about 4 years. If it all started in 1976 or 1977 than we have lived through 10 generation of Punk Rock. Each generation brought it's own meaning, style and agenda to this. Today it goes by a number of different names. To me it's always been Punk


That's always the most debated question, Is it Punk or What is Punk? I have to say that I know it when I hear it. Plain, and simple. It's deeply fixed into the genetic structure of the music along with Blues, Jazz, Country and all that went before it. It's not Hardcore, It's not Street Punk, It's not Crust Punk, Irish Punk or Oi!, It's PUNK.


So, here's a sample of some of the latest offerings. Explore, expand and most of all enjoy.