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Naked Raygun - Singles Series

February 14th, 2012

It's been a while since I published a Spotify playlist but in my defense I've been a little busy with the Underground Archives. What sparked me to post one today was the long awaited installment of the third single in the Naked Raygun Singles Series.


Growing up in the Midwest a majority of the punk bands that I first discovered where from really exotic locations like Los Angeles, New York or the UK. It was easy to fill somewhat detached and out of place because those places seemed so distant.


So when I discovered Naked Raygun and the bands that rotated around them mainly The Effigies and Big Black, I felt more connected to them because they were from the Midwest and it was represented in their music. It was so disappointing to see Mr Haggerty leave NR but Pegboy made up for it. Even though the last couple of Raygun records didn't seem to ring as true as those that had come before. Pegboy held on as Big Black fell off followed by NR. Then the Effigies took a path far from where I would have like to have seen them go.


​Pegboy made up for much of the lost with a landslide of great records but they were Naked but not Rayguns. On that last 1993 Pegboy single line up represented an early Chicago feel but with they couldn't seem to keep a steady bass player and broke up. The last true hold out of that great Chicago sound broke up just as the new wave of punkdom began to make that profitable swim into the main stream. 


It's one of those hind sight things, that you wonder if they would have just held out a little longer who knows what would have happened. In many ways you could say the same of Naked Raygun. At Time of their break up there was a new album in the works and they had become a darling of college radio and even were seeing some air play on MTV. It's a very MIdwest story for a Midwest band always within the grasp of something but just falling short.


​Now I've been to a number of punk reunions. During the late 1990s it seemed as if every band you ever wanted to see but didn't because they never toured or they broke up years before you discovered them was suddenly touring. A lot of them were nothing more than shadows of their former selves or nothing more than a surreal tribute band well past their use. Not all were though and some picked up right where they left off, TSOL comes to mind putting out four Albums that easily stand up to their first three. 


​Naked Raygun reunited in 2007 and reissued their whole catalog and a live record. Since they have played a number of shows and sadly I still haven't had the pleasure of seeing them live after being a fan for over 25 years. I simply just don't travel as much as I once did but I will get around to it at some point. That said, the real reason for this blog is the Single Series. The first song I had the pleasure of hearing was Going Away off the second single and immediately it was cleared this reunion was not going to be phoned in. I bought the sincle on Amazon within a few minutes of hearing it and then spent $10 for the first one. Now they have released the third and I think finial two songs. 


When you listen to it don't think about the fact that this band first formed over 32 years ago, think about how much most of what has been released in the last few years doesn't stand up to it.

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