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Midwest Monsters

May 27th, 2015

Maybe we are just born with that chip on our shoulder or is it something that grows with the passing time. Rocks and gravel that is easily flown over and well off the beaten path of the hippest rats on the sinking ship that make up the left and right arm pits of America. Yes, we were monsters, oddities, freaks that came from the most surprising places. Some of them planted the flag and throw down the gantlet, while others begged, borrowed and sold to enter a forced march to the coast were they shaped their adopted home in ways the locals were unable. These were the Midwest Monsters.


This list is about some of those bands. There are a few on here that I doubt there would have even been a punk or underground music scene today without their contribution. Some are just my personal favorites and some of just old friends but make no mistake each added to the fabric of whatever little music scene you belong to now. These small under cultured factory and farming towns that would have that group of kids that just fit and made their own scene. I can only hope that that cycle continues because let's face it, the Midwest will always bring the heart, the meat and the balls to party. 


Growing up where I did and knowing the people I knew, it was not hard to find a connection and a loyalty to a lot of these bands. In some ways even though we may have been divided by hundred of miles the bands felt as much a part of our scene as the locals. We shared a great deal of the same experiences like being dismissed as hayseeds or that extremely weak coffee or our location being confused with a half a dozen other states. Yes, this is not Boston, not LA and sure as hell not New York. No this is the Midwest, resilient, self determined, self reliant and maybe just a little off. Thinking outside of the box is part of our breeding because our survival relied on it.


OK, so here's some of my favorite representatives. Some would have to leave to get fame. Some would fold long before they understood their impact. Others would just simply rot on the vine and then there is just a few on here because I loved them or decided to self promote a little. Either way they are all monsters of the Midwest.