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Loudmouths - Self-title

Imagine if you took the Humpers, hit Scott over the head and replaced him with the Dragon Lady. Then you'd be pretty damn close to the Loudmouths. A driving Punk-N-Roll soundtrack for those kill your parents, set the neighbors dog on fire, beat the brat, drink until you no longer know your name, having sex with a 300LB Prostitute tied to a bed while being tickled with feathers by circus midgets in some dumpy hotel in Tijuana kind of nights. A just hit play and then destroy.


Out of the 17 songs only 3 are over 2 minutes and none are over 3. The Highlights are Saki to Me, Rockin at the Roller derby, Rev it Up, Just Kick Her Out, Porn Star & (one of my fav-o-rite fuck you songs) Creature. These guys and gals are by far the best band to come out of SF, CA in a hell of a long time.



Red Archieves Records/PO Box 210501/San Francisco, CA 94124



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