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Zeke - Super Sound Racing

Zeke - Super Sound Racing

When you hear Zeke for the first time you wonder if these guys can play any faster. The answer is no. Straight ahead seat of the pants Punk Rock. There is not a thing about these guys that says new school not a pair of baggy pants in the bunch. This is the band that would scare all the grungers out of the club. Which is only fitting since they hail from Seattle (and you thought all the bands from Seattle played metal riffs and shot heroin). This record breaks out ahead, out of the gate with "Slut", "Quick Sand", heads south with "Runnin' Shine", put a call in for some "Action" and then slows down for the turn for "Mainline". This band makes DRI seem like they're driving a Geo 3 banger. So everyone put the high octane fuel in, buckle up and hit play.



I.F.A. Records/607 Eastlake/Seatle, WA 98109/206-622-7168

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