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Zeke - Kicked in the Teeth

Zeke - Kicked in the Teeth

I've been hearing, for like 2 years, that this record was coming out. The reason may have something to do with what's going on at Epitaph with Bret and all, I've heard about his "problem". Anyway it's out and it is almost all it promised, fast and solid punk-n-roll with that Zeke break neck speed. I said almost, because yet another band has fallen into that bottomless pit of the Kiss cover. I'm sorry people but I must give you this bitch slap, Kiss is, was, and always will be a metal band. Make-up or no make-up they still bore the living shit out of me. Don't justify this love of Kiss by saying that in 74 they were rocking out and all of that shit because it's not 74 it's 1998. Next you'll be making it OK to do Great White or Poison covers. It doesn't fit the rest of the songs and leaves a giant hole in the album. I guess that proves my point if Kiss can't hold up to a punk band from Seattle they must not be that great. Other than that this is a must have. 17 songs in about 20 minutes says it all. There really isn't one big stand out except for the Kiss cover the songs are all of ther best quality and speed.


†† (because of the Kiss cover, otherwise it would have been ††††)

Epitaph Records/2798 Sunset Blvd/Los Angeles,CA 90026

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