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Welt - Better Days

Welt - Better Days

I think we all grew a little tired of all the Fat Wreck New School bands almost as quickly as we got sick of the 8.000,000 Moon Ska Bands but there is always a few that out shine the rest and Welt (even though they are not on Fat Wreck) do just that. There are those that go through the motions or cover themselves in a blanket of politics and then there are those that stand naked against the storm and let you in on what is inside, Welt does just that, time and time again. They let you make their songs your own and things seem a little less lonely. They make you understand that we are all fighting the same battles. All over tight melodic punk rock.


I think my favorite song on this CD is Pop Eater because of the line, "It happened just today, she looked at me that way and I just had to say can I have you all the time." Who hasn't felt that at least once in their life and then lost it. This is the hard part (the highlights) because there really is so many of them. So we'll just name 5: Better Days, Pop Eater, In My Way, Corner Sore, and Lose That Girl.



DD0109/Doctor Dream Records/841 W collins/Orange, CA 926766

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