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The End of Work

What if you never had to work again, what would you do with all the free time? Think about about that for a minute. Now I'm not talking about being independently wealthy but a safe net with enough income to cover your basic needs like shelter, utilities, clothing, food, etc... How would you define your life and spend your time?


Personal Blog

Life with the Samsung Chromebook

I know it is another tech blog. Don't worry I'll try to make the next one a "What I'm up to" or maybe an endless rant about something but I got a new toy. It's a new toy that I have advise a few people against but after logging a lot of time on my desktop and aging Sony Vaio Notebook building the new site. The Sony is about 3 years old and though it is showing it's age is still a pretty responsive Windows 7 machine. I have a few upgrades in mind in the near future to give it a slight longer life but I was increasingly finding myself dreading pulling the thing out.

Personal Blog

Installing Drupal Themes and Configuring Blocks

In this finial installment of my blog series on creating a website, I will be covering installing Drupal themes and configuring blocks. My goal is to jsut give you a very basic understand of how the two work and how to use them. There is a great number of things that you can do with the combination to create a website that works for you but here's the basics.


Themes - Themes in Drupal control the display of the content and the layout of each page. It does this by breaking the layout into regions that you can then add blocks or content to.


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Installing Additional Modules and Scripts

In the eighth installment on my blog series on how to create a website, I will be covering installing additional modules and scripts that will be needed to add function to your website. In the last installment I focused on just the basic core modules that came with the Drupal installation and how to enable and where to go to configure the modules. Now that you have all that the basic installation has to give it's time to go out and find some additional functions to add to your site.


Personal Blog

Installing Drupal CMS

In part six of my blog series on creating a website, I will be covering installing Drupal CMS.  


So you have your domain, your host and you've decided on your CMS, so the next step is to install the scripts on your host server. If you decided to go with a all in one like Square Space you don't really have to worry about this, In fact you can just add content and be on your way. However if you decided to go your own, you have some work ahead of you and what the geek in me would call some fun. There is just something really rewarding about doing it all on your own. 

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