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Rock & Roll Will Never Die but Maybe It Should

Every since Haley's Comet's shuck the earth in 1953, the King of the Blues learned to jump, the Wolf began to Howl, Johnny blended his sound to B Good and Little Richard discovered that "Devil Music", Rock and Roll Will Never Die has become the rallying cry for each generation of unnaturally lengthen adolescents we call teenage. Rock and Roll for the next six decades dominated youth culture and the mainstream. Mutating and evolving into an endless voices, styles, marketing terms and subspecies. However, it seems in the last 35 years or so very little evolution has happened.

Personal Blog

Standard Bearers and Filmage

Personal desires and drives are too often a mystery to me. Often they are fired by some long forgotten exposure to an idea and too often the source is long forgotten. Sometimes they are born out of basic frustration and boredom. One bad or good idea that leads for a longing for something new and possibly better. That need to improve on someone else's creation or to bring back a tradition that some how has been lost. It's my experience that it almost always leads to DIY. Yes, that glorious and often amateur world of rolling up your selves and making a complete mess of it.

Personal Blog

Adventures in Home Brewing and DIY

I'm not sure who it was that first introduced me to Home Brewing. I just remember wanting to give it a try in the early 90s but it always seemed that there was some other shinny object in the way. More than likely it was a beer or two. However, with my increased interest in Craft Beer as I talked about in my last blog post, I decided it was high time that I took the leap into brewing my own beer.


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Liquid Punk Rock

For years I've been involved in a debate with countless different people. The debate has been over the beaten to death question, "What is Punk Rock?" One of the easiest definitions that I've came up was, "It's music produced by people for themselves." The idea that regardless if one person understands or appreciates it, the art needed to be made and nothing was going to stop them from doing it.

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