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Personal Vlogs

Vlog 18

The latest installment of DaVo's Personal Vlog, In this one, he talks about the fire at the Axiom Body Piercing Studio, shows footage of the fire's aftermath and talks about the loss of Plaza Lanes and SKT.. Also, the upcoming screening of The Outhouse - The Film.

To help reopen the Axiom and help DaVo to recover from the losses in the fire go to 

For more information on the Axiom Body Piercing Studio go to

Personal Vlogs

Fire, Axiom Fire Fund & Axiom is Closed

Yesterday, as in December 18th, a fire destroyed the Plaza Lanes Bowling Alley. My piercing studio the Axiom and Skin Kitchen Tattoo were located on the east side of the building. Though the studio was located in an addition that didn't suffer any fire damage, the whole studio suffered from massive water damage. Though there are already plans to re-open in a new location after the first of the year, at this point the future is uncertain. 


Playlist Blog

1994 Axiom Playlist

Music has always been a big part of the Axiom and body piercing by me aka DaVo. It started when I was working at Creative Images and God bless her, I know that a lot of it drove Sherry nuts. Of course she liked a lot of it but not all of it and I'm not sure if I ever thanked her and the rest of the crew for putting up with it. So, in keeping with the sprit of my piercing anniversary, here is list of what I remember listening to in 1994. I'm sure there was a lot more of older stuff but for the sake of this list, I figured I'd stick with the mostly newer stuff.


Personal Blog

2012 Holiday Letter

Every year my mother would write one or two page letters. It would usually include a family photo or a photo of her pride and joy my son Quinn and my nephew Conner and an overview of what had happen that year. When I was a kid they were these handwritten photo copy letter and then as we entered the computer age it turned into computer printed letters. As she got older this increasingly became a struggle to get out the 150 or so letter and my sister and I became increasingly involved.

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