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Snow, Lego League and Moms

So on comes mother nature with all the force of a freight train and I get a day off and right now it feels like I'll never be warm again. Yes folks it is the dead of winter. Ever noticed that we always reference death with winter. Sure there is the natural connection with the season. Everything turns grey and the vegetation dies off or goes to sleep. The days shorten and without the modern conveniences, your average human would die. So it rolls together and the thing is that it establishes this feeling of hope and renewal. Of course, that renewal is in fact, 4 months away.


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Por Tu Placer

Lately I've been trying to regain the pleasure of writing. It used to be a drive or need than it became somewhat of a job or a chore. It came to light at some point that I no longer wanted to do anything that was a chore cause well, it was too close to being a job. This has been an on going pattern in my life since childhood. First obsession, followed by completely devotion, then frustration, followed complete lack of interest and dread.

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I love my bicycle, BMX,, Broken parts and Evil Kenevil

I've covered this subject in the past and in fact have a whole page/section that is about nothing but bmx. It covers the past, my interests and who was involved but it really doesn't go into my love affair I had with it or what is going on now. In a recent conversation with my friend Stacie, she commented that I tend to always be obsessed with something. Not really in a negative way but in a passionate way. Well, BMX was my really first love and obsession and the first real sub-culture that I was involved with.

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State of the Scene

"I don't want to think about it, I don't want to see, I don't want to know the kind of fool they'll make of me, the public gets what they deserve not what they demand unless we all decide to be a business, not a band" Agent Orange - Breakdown


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