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Social Distortion - Live at the Roxy

Social Distortion - Live at the Roxy

OK the biggest question is why SD hasn't done a live record before this. I mean they've been around for like 20 years now. The first thing you notice about this record is that if you've seen SD, Mike says the same shit between songs every time they play. Other then that, this is the tightest record they may have ever done. With 14 of their best songs and their two best covers. It's Due in part to the fact that this may will be the best line-up they have ever had. Could it be that the reason "Somewhere......." sucked compared to "White Heat..." is the addition of Chuck Biscuts (I heard he told Mike to Fuck off when he told him to cut his hair. Cool I always hated the whole suckass greaser Sick Boy shit.).


There is a good mix of old and new, much like they are live. You got the Old stuff that we all drunk cheap beer in darkened parking lots while bitching about how much our town sucked like Mass Hysteria, Another State of Mind, Telling them, Under my Thumb, 1945 and Mommy's Little Monsters. Also there's all the songs we sat on bar stools drinking Imported beer while bitching about how much our town sucked like Ball and Chain, Cold Feelings, Prison Bound, Let It Be Me, Bad Luck, I was Wrong and Ring of Fire. I've been seeing and listening to this band through all the phases of my life and I'll tell ya I've in one form or another lived these songs much in the same way as X.



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