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Humpers - Plastique Valentine

Humpers - Plastique Valentine

I remember thinking to myself, that it would be hard for these guys to follow up "Live Forever" as I slipped the CD into the player but of course I was wrong. This record beats the hell out of the last one and just keeps on dancing on it's corpse. From Scott "Deluxe" Drake Shouting, "I can't wait to see your face" to the last chord they keep ya glued to the site and holding on for dear life. Some of the most twisted punk rock love songs to drink and shout a girl out of your life to, are located on this album. Just like the last one, no weaklings here and the highlights are "Plastique Valentine", the older "For Lovers Only", My pick "Fable of Love". "Make-up", "With a whip". "Dummy Got A Hunch", the blue collar anthem "Chump Change" and "Mongrel Train". A sample of lyrics is "Make-Up"-"cover up the girl with paint and scent/until you wonder where she went/her make-up's a mess and what a mess she made/with a drill press and spackle blade/beyond the pale of her false face/she's out of touch and out of place/I'd like to know what happened beneath that frown/to make you lay that varnish down/it must take a lot of make-up/to make a mess like you".



Epitaph Records/2798 Sunset Blvd/Los Angelis, CA 90026



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