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At The Drive-In - IN/CASINO/OUT

At The Drive-In - IN/CASINO/OUT

Well it came on a gloomy day in a plain brown envelope, I pulled it open and inside lay the latest offering from ATDI. On first listening it forged itself into the disc player and hasn't been removed since. This is their first release on Fearless and to be truthful they don't fit the Fearless mold but hey I don't think they fit any mold. Something that comes to mind each time I hear this band is a Quote I heard sometime ago, "Support talented people, cause the untalented will make it on their own."


There is more of a pop sound with this one but it works. The thing is they still can hold that exposed nerve feeling and be friendly. A merry-go-round of power, emotion, and intelligence, that floods the senses and creeps into the heart. They give you a glimpse inside their heads and then pull the curtain aside to view the cracked mirror image. This is no grift but pure images of the conflict and confusion that lives within each of us. We all fear what we most want and desire. These Texans have a gained a nakedness that is transparent with rhythm driven beauty behind complex word groupings. They project a clear image that shines through the darkness. Group them where you want but they will always shake their way loose.


A good sample of lyrics is from pickpocket-"in the humble stench of nativity/hummed the smell of television snow/a faint S.O.S. flickering/riding on the coattails of ground zero/neighborhood foot print ingrown/the daylight savings time will never know/of this alabaster cold...". High lights are Alpha Centauri, chanbara, napoleon solo and a devil among the tailors.



FEARLESS RECORDS/ 13772 Goldinwest St. #545/Westminister, CA 92683


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