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DaVo's Arm

DaVo's Body Art

Hello my name is Davo (Dave-o) and I own and operate the Axiom in Des Moines, Iowa. We specialize in Body piercing which I have been doing professionally since May of 1994. I apprenticed under Chuck Hayes at Exotics in Omaha in 1994. I began piercing at Creative Images on June 1st, 1994 and then left to open the Axiom, which opened on March 28th,1995. Then moved into the Skin Kitchen in October of 1999. Body piercing to me is my art form and I see it as an enhancement and reclaiming of the body.


My interest in Body Art dates back to my childhood and I developed a desire to customize my body. In fact what drove me into the body piercing business in the first place was a desire to have my nipples pierced which I remember first having when I was 10 or 11. I started collecting tattos in 1987 getting my first one by Sherry Sears at Creative Images. Though my collecting slowed greatly in my late 20s, I still feel that itch from time to time.


The main thing that I try to create in the studio is a feeling of comfort, safety, and open exchange of information. Also that the piercee, is reclaiming control of their body and gaining insight into themselves, their spiritual self and their own body. I'm not a tattooist but have been a collector since 1987. Piercing/tattooing is at it's best when there is a connection between the piercee/tattooee and piercer/tattooist. Once that connection is made both are placed into a situation that not only binds those two people together, but also allows one insight into themselves. Often one does not even begin to understand the reason or reasons behind the piercing/tattoo till years later. It could be a lifestyle change, the loss of someone close to them or other event in their life that has left a lasting impact. They tend to be a signpost or timeline to someone's life. The experience of being involved in that, is what inspires me to continue to pierce. It can be both a joyful, moving, empowering and spritual event. I currently have 4 ear lobes piercings at 2g & 4g(they were out to 00g at one point but I let them close up a bit), a 8g ear lobe piercing, a 10g earlobe piercing, 2 16g cartilage piercings, a 16g eyebrow piercing, a tongue piercing at 4g, both nipples are pierced and streched to 6g, a Prince Albert at 2g and 2 scrotum piercings at 12g.


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