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Axiom Promotions

The History of Axiom Promotions and DaVo's Promotion Career

As of May 1st, 2018, DaVo is currently working as an Independent Promoter again. You can also contact him at [email protected] or contact him at 515-803-7009.


Axiom Promotions was started in October of 1996 when I wanted to do an all-ages Party for my clients. Our First show was on Sunday, October 27th, 1996 with Victims Anonymous from Sioux City, Going to Grandmas(a local punk band), The Have Nots, Dr. Castratia(a local Ska band of Drake students), and the Skull Caps. After around 170 kids showed up, I decided to continue to do shows on a regular base. Money was never really the main drive behind it, it was more the case if I didn't do it who would.


So for the next four years (from the 1st show to The UK Subs on October 15th, 2000), I would work under 4 different owners as a talent buyer for Safari Nite Club and then Hairy Mary's. I've done larger shows and smaller ones like Fear, Zeke, Social Distortion, The Pleasure Fuckers, The Humpers, Loaded, Reel Big Fish, At the Drive-In, The Teenage Frames, US Bombs, Vice Squad, UK Subs, Agent Orange, Agnostic Front, The Stepkings and countless others. The thing that stands out is more bring the great music I loved to Des Moines and the friendships that were built over the years.


For the next 5 years, I would jump in from time to time and either Promote the shows myself or be advising the talent buyers at Hairy Mary's. One of the stables of this period was my annual Birthday bash shows every April.


In August of 2005, I was asked to come out of a nearly 5 year retirement and start promoting shows at Hairy Mary's again. It lasted for about another 18 months or so. Then I got talked into do the Effigies in 2007. Other than Lanny and my 40th birthday parties with the Bishops, I haven't done a show since the Hollowmen reunion at Lefty's.


In September of 2015, I was asked to come on as a talent buyer at Lefty's Live Music. Lefty's is located in the same location that Safari and Hairy Mary's was in the past. Since everything I'm doing is in house, I really saw no point to bring the Axiom Promotions banner out of retirement. Currently, as I write this little update in October of 2016, I'm averaging 20 shows a month of just about every musical style. Over the last year some of the major shows and favorites that I've been involved with are SWMRS, I Prevail, Radkey, Fort Defiance, Black Sail, Y&T, Supersuckers, The Ataris, Ill Nino and countless regional and National bands. 


The main difference between my work at Lefty's and what I've done in the past is that I'm not limited to Punk, Ska and Metal. This is in part due to the fact that the industry has opened a great deal over the years but the owners, Erik and Anne, are more open to quality and variety than sticking to one style or the other.


As of May 1st, 2018, I resigned from Lefty's Live Music. Going forward, I will be focusing on only doing select shows as an Independent Promoter. 

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