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The Adolescents live at Hairy Mary's

2006-08-06 - Adolescents/Street Dogs/The Vacancies @ Hairy Mary's

First thing was that it was a dry show. This may have been a problem for some but I remember when shows were all dry and in fact the reason they were on Sunday was cause they didn't have a Sunday liquor licence.


At any rate, first up was the Vacancies from Cheveland. They had just put out a record produced by Joan Jett on her Black heart label. I have to say I had been looking forward to them since I had gotten the CD. They play a combination of punk & roll in the tradition of the Dead Boys with at times a hint of 80s hardcore punk. Their set was sold and direct and I'm hoping to have another chance to see them.


Next up was the Street Dogs which is Mike from Dropkick Murphy's. By the end of the first song, I was reminded of why I was so blown away by DM the first time I saw them and was also a little disappointed when they played after that. They wound the crowd up tight with their straight from Boston sing along as Mike worked the crowd all the way through.


OK, way back in 1988, the Adolescents toured the Midwest. The line-up was I think Ric Agnew, Steve Soto and some other guys. I was out of my mind wanting to see them and got word they were playing in Lawrence and Lincoln. I don't know if I got the dates mixed up or if they were wrong in the first place but faked sick, left work early, drove the four hours to Lawrence, KS and when we got there found out that they played the night before. In fact they were playing in Lincoln that night. So we went back to KC and saw Mojo Nixon instead. A big ass let down. Not saying that Mojo was that bad but damn it he wasn't the Adolescents.


I was standing out back talking to the guys from the Street Dogs about how dumb their name was when I heard the beginnings of 'No Way'. For the next 30 minutes or so it was non-stop, thundurus trip through the blue record with a few off OC Confidential thrown in for good measure. For a band that is over 20 years old, I have to say that they didn't miss a strike from beginning to end and was well worth the 18 year wait. The only disappointment was they didn't play 'Welcome to Reality' and they were cut a little short by the whole curfew thing.

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