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Humpers - Live Forever or Die Trying

Humpers - Live Forever or Die Trying

When you put this record on it's like they lit a fuse and the whole rest of the record your sitting there with white knuckles wondering when it's going to explode. Mix of the Stones, The Dead Boys, the Zeros, Crime and the Jones (the Hollywood punk band from the late 70s) add a few bad relationships and a few "Yeah"s and "Fuck You"s and you get the Humpers. Just good old guitar driven punk-n-roll that makes you want to laugh, pound on bar tops and break things. The highlights are the whole album but some choice cuts are "Wake Up & Lose", "Sarcasmatron", "Fast, Fucked & Furious", "loser Club", a cover of the Clash's "Protex Blue" (Mitch Cartwright, who by the way is a relative of the famous tattooist with the same last name,) always reminds me of Paul Simonon when he's on stage), "13 Forever" and of course "Anarchy Juice". Don't put this on the turntable thinking you're going to be listening to anything else for a long time. It tends to stay there for weeks.



Epitaph Records/2798 Sunset Blvd/Los Angelis, CA 90026


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