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Plaza Lanes Aftermath

Fire, Axiom Fire Fund & Axiom is Closed

Help a DaVo Out

Yesterday, as in December 18th, a fire destroyed the Plaza Lanes Bowling Alley. My piercing studio the Axiom and Skin Kitchen Tattoo were located on the east side of the building. Though the studio was located in an addition that didn't suffer any fire damage, the whole studio suffered from massive water damage. Though there are already plans to re-open in a new location after the first of the year, at this point the future is uncertain. 


Since 1994, I have offered a professional, educational and i hope a pleasant experience for my clients. It was my goal from the start and I wish to continue to do that. The issue that I'm struggling with is that many of the items destroyed that I need to do piercings may or may not be covered by the studio's insurance. The other issue is that I will be without my main source of income until the new studio opens.


So, If you like what I do and would like to see it continue, I'm asking that you contribute to a fund to not only ensure that the Axiom reopens but to get me through this time. Feel free to contribute what you can and I thank you for your continued support. I plan on having a special reduced price on piercings for those that donate as soon as I'm up and running again.