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VA 1996

Feb - March 1997 Live Reviews



Murphy's Law - 2/1/97 

February 1st, 1997


ThE HaVe NoTs

ALL AGES @ Safari Nite Club


Well we opened this show up and ya know I thought we were quite good. This was the first show with the new owner Shawn and a improved stage. Attendance was good, I set off the alarm and had to sit there for an hour waiting for Shawn and Paul to show up with that thing going off. This was Joey's last show and we gave it our all and since we didn't tape it, it was a good show.


Next up was the Murphy's Law Jimmy exploded onto the stage using every inch of it to release their East Coast punk. If memory serves me, they did Pantie Raid, Don't Bother Me, Dysfunctional Family, Ska Song, Bag of Smacks and a version of Farm Animals with Andy of SlipKnot (he is no longer in SlipKnot).


After the show we all hung out, did some Car Bombs, some beers and some shots. We waved goodbye to the Law and they went back to the Hotel. Now, this is what I gather happened, Jimmy very Drunk + Eric the Drummer very drunk = fight and break up but not the end of M's L. Just everyone (including Todd Youth who's staying off the road to be with his family) leaving Jimmy.


The 21+ Show was Radio Caroline and Victim's Anonymous. I drank too much and can't remember most of what happened except getting on stage and singing along to the Victim's song with all the "OOOOOOOHHHH"s in it.


Quincy Punx - 3/7/97

March 7th, 1997



ALL AGES @ Safari Nite Club


Well there was a lot of hype about this show and all the cute little gutter punks with their spikey hair and unwashed clothes, couldn't contain themselves for this one. The night started with some really rebellious 14 year old burning an American flag outside. How Punk!!


The show started with the Sex Offenders from Lawrence Ks. and their Meatmen like 2 1/2 minute songs about sex and drugs and all that. They were quite good and brought back some memories of sitting around listening to "We're the Meatmen and You Suck!!!" while getting drunk and trying to figure out why chicks didn't dig us. They were good old fashion straight to the point hardcore punk. Look for these guys to do something in the future. I just have one of those feelings.


Next up was Cretin 66 from KC., they came out with their Rock N Mother Fuckin Roll. Of course this did confuse the kids and the fuzz was a little beyond their grasp, but they did rock.


Up next was the main event, the Quincy Punx, and no one was disappointed in the least. When people have asked just what they sound like the closest thing I can think of is the Bad Brains on speed. They busted out about 30 songs in a little over 35 minutes and then played the 21 and over show while some guy kept buying them shots because he thought they where Dumbster Juice.

Honry Toads - 3/9/97 

March 9th, 1997


Smilin Jack & Artical Debris

ALL AGES @ Safari Nite Club


Well the show started out with the Artical Debris from Mason City, Iowa. They are a new school band who must have some rich parents becaues one of the kids dad had started a label to put out their CD. Live they really weren't that good to say the least. Though compared to the over produced CD they were good.


Next up was local heroes Smilin' Jack. They hit the stage with their usual offbeat power pop and got the place moving with Their best song "Bad Muther Fucker". I always walk away feeling like they could do better writing but other wise a good set.


And headlining was the Horny Toads. For those that don't know Lou Mayorga the original bassist for Sucidal Tendencies is in this band. They are a mix of Ska, Funk, R&B, hip hop and a little punk. I usually hate fusion rock but these guys pull it off so well that you can't hate them. Like the long gone Cadillac Tramps they seem to pull it off with hipness because unlike a great deal of bands that just simply steal sounds from different styles, these guys make the style their own.


They did most of their DOMD Records release including their college radio hit "Shiver", and others like "Vampire Ska", "Youth", "Quicksand" and their R&B cover "Brick". After the show we drank of course way too much. Then went to Paul's and Greg's where they got Tattooed and played these great Phone Sex tapes.

Issac Green & The Ska-Lars - 3/24/97

March 24th, 1997


ALL AGES @ Safari Nite Club


This was the second time around for Moon Ska' Issac Green and they may be the best Moon Ska band I've seen. Hailing from St. Louis, MO., this 7 piece plays true 2-tone Ska with a style all their own. Jessica their Sax and vocalist has a way of expressing the true feeling of the song that is almost scary much in the way of Billie Holiday (of course to the greatness of Billie.) They do move a little between Ska, Swing and Rock Steady but unlike a lot of bands they make that transfer with such smoothness that you don't even notice.


They kept the kids doing that ska line dance thing to great numbers like "Beechwood 4-5789, "Bloodshot Eyes", High School" and "Spoiled Brat". I'm not sure who opened this show but their friend and DJ spun Reggae hits between bands and it was a great time had by all

Inch / Janis Figure - 3/30/97 

March 30th, 1997


Janis Figure & Article Debris

ALL AGES @ Safari Nite Club


Well Artical Debris got a little better but that's about all I can say. They're nice kids and who knows maybe in about 10 or 15 years they may be good but at that time they really didn't do a thing for me. It's back to the minors with them.


The second band was Janis Figure from Minneapolis. For those that have been around for a while they may remember a band called Libido Boy, well the Figures front man is Billy from LB. They have a bit of an odd sound and they used these effects on the vocals that was cool. Billy did this combined style of Jim Morrisen meets Elvis that adds something of a Surreal edge to the band.


And for the last musical number of the night it was Cargo's Headhunter Record's Inch. They were to be honest, Emo-core but they reminded me a lot of Killing Joke before they discovered drum machines. There's a drive and directionless to it that seems so pure compared to the often formalized new school punk and ska. It was a fresh breeze to the heart.


They played most of 'Dot Class"C" ' including "Eugenis", "For Duty and Humaity",and "Moot Point". Afterward we were supposed to meet up with their Roadie and hit the Strip Clubs but he never called the asshole.

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