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Fear may well be the meanest, roughest and funniest bands to grace the Southern California scene. Formed back in 78 they brought a dry wit and driving music to a scene that saw danger as a form of art. Often demised as a joke band that would go out of their way to get a laugh or offend someone. The thing about Fear is that they didn't just go for the laugh or the shock. They were the laugh and the shock and above all they gave the public what they wanted. If the media wanted an offensive band that drive the crowd to the point of wanting to beat up the band and each other and then light the place on fire they got just that.They may well have been the first band to really understand that having an inside joke could build a following. Unlike many bands that go in this direction, Fear had not only the wit but the talent musically and lyrically to back it up. I've always embraced the idea that if you want to get your point across about the problems of the world and it's residents then put it right there in the spotlight. Fear did that in much the same way that Lenny Bruce did.


There's a reason that Fear was John Blusis' favorite band. Much like SNL it brought out the faults and dysfunction of a generation and made damn sure that it wouldn't go away when you closed your eyes. John even went as far as to get them on SNL and tried to get them on the sound track to Neighbors. In the biography it talks about his trip to the office of the head of the music Department at the studio and John playing the never released track he recorded with Fear called Neighbors. He played it at top volume and then proceeded to destroy the guys office. Was it the Coke or just the passion that Fear Created? Listen for yourself and figure it out.


This is by far the best record they put out. Recorded in less then a week. Trim and to the point, driving and explosive. The thing that comes out in this is Lee Ving's love of blues and that wonderful voice of his. Also the musical abilities of Lee(guitar), Philo cramer(guitar) Derf Scratch(bass) and Spit Stix(drums). It really seems like a car that is taking turn at 120 mph but the guy behind the wheel does it so smoothly it feels like 25 mph. Highlights is like asking what's you favorite Ice Cream is, when you know it's all good. I guess the top ten would be 'Let's Have a War', 'Beef Bologna', 'I don't care about you', 'Gimme Some Action', New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones', 'Foreign Policy', 'I Love Livin' in the City', 'No More Nothing', 'Disconnected'(a true theme of living in the 80s), & 'We Destroy the Family'(just for the lines "steel some money from your parents/buy a gun"). The CD includes the 'Fuck Christmas' single as a bonus track which is nice.


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