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About DaVo

Owner of the Axiom, I pierce at the Axiom, used to sing in a few bands and used to promote shows at Safari/Hairy Mary's. As of 2016, DaVo is currently working as a talent buyer at Lefty's Live Music and singing in the latest line up of the Have Nots. He has also been a member of the local punk and music since in Des Moines since the mid 1980s, rode BMX freestyle from 93 to 90 adn did demos all over Iowa in his Trick Team Flyin' and Stylin'.
Well, I was the victim of having a common name David. Growing up in my family and school, I was surrounded by an average of 5 to 6 Davids everywhere I went. The solution was to give us nick names. for example one was David, one was Dave, one was Davey and I got stuck with Dave-o. This was of course pointless cause usually we all answered to anything beginning to with the "Dav" sound. I think the reason for that I got stuck with Dave-o was I hated the name. When I was younger I disliked anyone shortening my name and calling me anything but David. Well, for some reason, in the early 90s a few people started calling me Dave-o again and when I started piercing I figured to avoid confusion, I would go with DaVo(pronounced Dave O). In theory this would also allow me to know how I knew someone. Dave if it was a person I met outside the studio and DaVo if it was someone I knew through the studio. Of course this didn't work and before long everyone including my own mother was calling me DaVo.
Never really had any interest in tattooing. I think in part because I really don't have the attention span for it. Tattooing is a great deal longer and more involved and one of the things I like about piercing is that it is fast pace. I don't know, maybe the quote my father said over and over has something to do with it, "Work smarter not harder." The bottom line is that piercing is my art, my passion and one of my most true joys. I have always felt that if you are going to do something right, you should give it all you got and not moonlight. I've notice over the past few years a lot of people uses piercing as a door way into tattooing. I'm not sure how I feel about that. It's kind of insulting when you think about it.
I thought it would make me cool but I was wrong. Since about the age of 7 or 8, I wanted to get my nipples pierced. Not sure where this desire came from but it has always been there. Back in 1992 I decided that I that I had waited long enough and began to look for someone to do it. The more I looked the more I realized that not only was there very few professionals in this part of the country but that I really wanted to do it. I began researching everything I could get my hands on from Modern Primitives to the old Piercing Fans International Quarterly (I really miss PFIQ). In 1993 after a couple of long talks while being tattooed by Sherry Sears at Creative Images, I decided to make the jump. With Sherry's support, I began my way too short apprenticeship at Xotics and began piercing at Creative Images in May of 1994.
Yes, I'm currently working as a talent buyer at Lefty's Live Music. If you are a band or agent seeking to book a show, contact me at
I finished my apprenticeship in April of 1994 and started piercing part time at Creative Images in May of 1994 until February of 1995. After leaving Creative Images, I opened the Axiom on March 25, 1995. I have been full time(as in my only source of income is piercing) since April of 1996. For more info please go to DaVo's Bio Page
No and don't ask, they hate me. Really, some of them are good friend but I don't do that. If you want stuff like that, go to their shows and stand out side the bus for a couple of hours. No I do not nor do I know anyone that has a original copy of Mate Feed Kill Repeat or other rare Slipknot items. Or at least anyone that wants to sell them.
No they are all sold out. I'm sure there are a few used ones out there floating around. However, the demo has been released in a digital format and can be found where MP3s are sold or streamed on most streaming services. Also the current line up has released a live EP that can be found on Bandcamp.
All of the Have Nots content is now located at
Yes, if you contact me in advance, ask me nicely and there is a link back to the site crediting it?

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