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At The Drive-in - Acrobatic Tenement

At The Drive-in - Acrobatic Tenement

These guys are an emo-core band from El Paso, TX. If they hook up with the right people you're going to hear a great deal from them. There are very few bands that can truly write music that transfers true emotion, power and feelings into the music as well as this band can. This CD is a roller coaster ride from beginning to end with all the twist and turns and the anger with a silent shattering punch of a thunder storm. Though the song structure may be a little without direction at times, every change, note, beat and word is in the place it needs to be to cause the needed effect. Picks on this one are Initaition, Embroglio, and Schaffino. The lyrics are beyond explanation like, "when she knocked me over,I looked into the hearst sprouting chauvinistic swine, and written were the words poking butter with this knife, concubine racing by in a 56 Chevy and we couldn't even pretend to be alive, to be alive...".


Flipside Records/PO Box 60790/Pasadena,CA 91116

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