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DOA - Bloodied But Unbowed/War on 45

DOA - Bloodied But Unbowed/War on 45

I should be able to say DOA and you should understand. This is the early stuff from 1978 to 1984 and covers the first 4 EPs, Something better change and Hardcore 81 plus the War on 45s EP. As Ken Lester's liner notes put it, "Blooded but Unbowed is the truth of it. Since 1978 D.O.A. has slogged forward from the West Coast of North America, criss-crossing the continent on a shoestring, infecting friends and strangers with an alien virus - a dangerous agressive way of viewing the world. Talk minus Action equals Zero. Use your brain, think for yourself, speak out, take action or let the silence bury you alive." D.O.A "took a chance jon the other side" and "woke up screaming"..Why don't you?" DOA represented a change in north American punk in much the same way as Crass did in the UK but they did it with a sytle that is truly North American. Unlike their UK counter part they did not get old and close the door on the past and move on. They are still out there playing and spreading the word as they have been for over 20 years.


This record has all their early work with the sound made famous by bands like Black Flag and The Circle Jerks. Here you have all the highlights and a little of the low points with a few bonus tracks and the lyrics no less. It's hard to just name a few highlight without listing the whole album but here's some: fuck You, The Prisoner, The Enemy, fucked Up Ronnie, 13(still after all these years it's still my favorite), Get out of my Life, D.O.A., I'm Right You're Wrong, America the Beautiful,Let's Fuck, and the cover of the DILS' Class War(before I heard the DILS I used to think this was their best song). The low points are of corse the cover of War(say it, say it, say it, this cover good god ya'll what good for) and the Reggae War in the East(was someone listening to too much Clash).



Restless/Recycle Records/1616 Vusta Del Mar Ave/Hollywood, CA 90028-6420

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