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DaVo's Punk Christmas Playlist

December 21st, 2012

Every Christmas my family gathers around the tree and out comes those tired old beaten worn out Christmas songs. I'm sure my sister thinks she is putting us all in the Christmas mood but you think after 30 years of my annual groan escaping my month as the latest discount department store Christmas song pour out of those tortured speakers, she would have given up. Over the years there has been just about every form or style of music played to test my Christmas spirit and general awful music tolerance level.  


The thing is it isn't that I hate traditional Christmas music with all it's saccharin sweet sentimental feeling. It's more being assaulted with 3 or 4 hours of hack musax, washed pop stars, country has beens and the latest chart topping pop arts. Now after years of promoting shows, being quilted into seeing friend's bands and spending countless nights in drinking in music venues, I've built up a pretty good tolerance and ablity to block out bad music. Hell, even metal bands don't even bother me that much anymore.


However the annual assault on my musical sensibilities has always filled me with dread as I made that track to Pleasant Hill and the Wilkins Christmas. One year I suggested that I pick out some music but the grand dictator of all things from the department of Christmas cheer would have none of that. I think she feared what I would come up with.


Well, this wouldn't be exactly be what I had in mind but there is a few great songs on here that I think would have made for a wonderful background to opening presents. Though be forewarned there is a number of straight covers of traditional songs and some warm felt Christmas songs on here. There is also a lot that would not really fit into a wholesome Christmas party and understand that Christmas Cheer should involve a little laughter and a lot of this is done more tongue to cheek.


Oh and Happy Holidays to all of you