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Paul, DaVo and the Loudmonths

Chapter 03 - Summer of 96

A lot of things happened in the summer of 96, like Slipknot began to cut it's teeth, My band The Have Nots began to play out, Fastball & other national bands played the bar but the events that seemed to set the stage for change that summer are: For the first time in years a club did all ages shows, The first Axiom Promotions show, a benefit brought the music scene together for the first time in years and the 107.5 the DOT's Battle of the Bands.


I'm not sure what the first all ages show was but the one that sticks out is the Total Passover last shows/the Blount/ Glue Gun show. Total Passover was a band that had been around since 88 which was originally called Shamrock Shakes. They were for a long time the only true punk band from the central Iowa area. Fronted by Andy Levy(an active member of the early Des Moines Punk and Hardcore Scene. He had been a member of Children of the Corn and Published the Love Seed Fanzine.) With Kurt Johnson(now in the Chezwicks) on Guitar, Tom Meehan(did a short stint in the Minneapolis band The Short Fuses) and Tom Halverson(Del Stars/Chezwicks/bar tender/sound guy) on Drums. TP was a straight ahead punk band in the vain of the Ramones & the Queers with often fun but really silly lyrics. The band had been a stable part of the scene for close to 10 years, touring a few times, playing the old AAMC shows in Ames, The old Mary's and etc.... The biggest thing that sticks out in my mind about SS/TP is that, in an age of metal bands, college rock bands and alternative/Grunge bands, they were a salvation in a way for just simply being a punk band. They had called it quits after Tom M moved to Minneapolis and they did a set of reunion/good-bye cause it's really over now shows that summer. Mainly because Andy was moving to SF. The show that I saw in this group of reunion shows was the all ages one with Blount and Glue Gun sponsored by the mighty Spank.


Spank Magazine is a zine started back in I believe back in 94 by Doug & Michelle Daugherty. Spank still is active to this date(2002 ed note-Spank called it quites in 20001) and both Doug and Michelle have been an undying source of Local and national punk scene. Off and on since 94 or 95 they had been putting shows on in their basement on the city's South side. With a chance to do Blount & Glue Gun they simply didn't want to do it in their basement. So the show was placed into Safari. I believe they did other shows there that summer including the Fixtures show. The thing that stick out about this show is close to 150 kids showed up which at the time was unheard of. In fact it was hard for even local and national bands to draw over 100 people. It clearly established that all ages afternoon (5-9pm) shows could work. It also made it clear that there was a new generation of punks hungry for shows. Spank continued to do shows independently or with Axiom Promotions and the Club till about 2000.


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