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Boris the Sprinkler - Mega Anal

Boris the Sprinkler - Mega Anal

Remember the Dickies before they broke up and got back together and started to slide AKA Killer Clowns. That zany, fast paced, wacky and sown right silly music that you couldn't pogo to cause you were laughing to hard. That's what the self proclaimed Voice of Geek America Boris the Sprinkler touches on. Picture in your mind's eye a skinny guy wearing tight shorts, knee pads and a motorcycle helmet with antlers hopping and spinning while sing about food, girls, records and Microwaves. That's what BTS is too me. For years the only reason I bought Maxium Rock-N-Roll was to read Re. Norb's columns. His humor travels well into this music. This is no land mark musical achievement but music that shows the light hearted fun side to punk.


The intro to this is great as it builds up to Weird Looking Lady and sends you through a trip into Greenbay's odd ball side with the finest bunch of dance numbers to find themselves on one record in sometime. So get out the New Wave clothes and pogo away to the soundtrack of the cheese state with gems like Scratch My Yanhtzee, Worry Wart, Sheena's Got a Microwave , There Ain't No Pabst in Tijuana, Kill the Ramones, I'm a Mole Man, Baby and many, many, many more and then listen to them all over in alphibetical order. Well worth making an ass of yourself to make the money to buy it. By the way I believe that Boris the Sprinkler kills Mines on contact.



Bulge Records/BX 173/Green Bay, WI 54305


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