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Living in Darkness

Agent Orange - Living in Darkness

OK this is a classic and one of the records that helped define the Orange County sound. This was the first Punk record I bought way back in the dark ages. Agent Orange even though they did sue the Offspring and really have gone down hill since, it still stands up today. The lesson to be learned here is not to make promises your not going to keep like "The public gets what they deserve not what they demaned unless we all decide to be a business instead of a band" cause it might just bite you on the ass. They mix Surf & Punk to create a sound under dark lyrics that is their's alone. I can't think of one band that sounds like them. Made somewhere along the line Mike Palm lost his way and ended up in a creative hole but hell this record is like 15 years old now.

There really isn't any reason to buy any of their other records because the cream of the crop is right here. This includes the Orginal version of the teen theme Bloodstains, the complete Living In Darkness EP, the Pipeline EP & The America EP. It's hard not to get just a little misty eyed listening to this record because well, I relate to a lot of it. I guess highlights would be Bloodstains, Everything Turns Grey, Breakdown, America, Bored with You and El Dorado. It also includes great liner notes and a ok interview.



Rhino Records Inc/2225 Colorado Ave/Santa Monica, CA 90404-3555

R2 71O92


Click here to listen to the album on Spotify.


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