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25 Great Punk Bass Lines

April 13th, 2013

My son Quinn has been taking bass lessons for a while now. Last summer I had fitted out an Agent Orange skateboard deck that Paul had given him and figured that he should know who Agent Orange was and sounded like. He got rather hooked on the band and some of the first songs he learned on his bass were their songs. During one Monday night ride home from his lesson, he asked if there were any other bands like Agent Orange he might like.


The first thing that came to my mind was one of my favorite bassist and one of the truly nicest people I've met from the early O.C. Punk scene the great and mighty Steve Soto. This was not only because he was the first Agent Orange Bassist but because I've always loved his bass lines. The Adolescents were a huge band of my youth, not only because the lyrics spoke to me but because of the music. The self titled Blue Record just stood out from everything else that I was listening at the time I discovered them. 


Well, I had him pull out my mobile phone and load up the Spotify and started naming off songs and bands that I thought he would dig. The Adolescents, Rikk Agnews solo record, D.I., Rancid, Shatred Faith, Chanel 3, the Crowd, etc.. When our ride home was over I agreed to make him a playlist and even though he might not remember a majority of what I added to that list, he had been listening to since he was still in nappies. 


It did me think about the bass and bassist though, the most unsung of all musicians in Rock N Roll and just how little credit they get. They are the pace setters and glue that holds the whole thing together. They put the roll in it. They are the hip movement of the whole dance and the one that keeps the whole thing focused. The list that follows is some of my favorite Bass Players and a small sample of their work. Oh and some great songs. 

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