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21 Irish Songs

March 14th, 2012

With Saint Patrick's Day this Saturday, I figured I post a list of some of my favorite traditional and punk covers of traditional Irish Songs. When of the main reasons is that St Pat's is supposed to about celebrating Irish Culture and a day of reflection on how far Irish Americans have came. Also it is about how much Irish culture has shaped the American Experience and maybe the greatest gift has been it's music. Especially the uses of music to voice cultural and political messages. The American political folk music of the labor movement to the angry voice of Punk Rock and everything between has to give a nod to Irish Music for making the song have a message and telling a story. 


In a lot of ways it was the only way for the Irish to express their discontentment with English rule. Songs allowed the spread of rebellious idea by way of the traveling musicians. It was so effective that the English government banned both the Harp and the Irish Pipes to try to reduce spread uprisings in Ireland. The pipes mainly because of how effect the Irish War Pipes where at motivating the Irish to fight on against the English. It speaks to the effect that music has on the Irish soul.  However, it was part of the English's design to ban and destroy anything Gaelic and suppress the Irish Culture until the Irish became loyal English subjects.


Even with the full weight of the English Empire baring down on it, the music continued to live on and the Rebellion with it. It's something that should be celebrated and since March 17th, 1762 when Irish Soldiers serving in the English Army were allowed to express their roots by march in New York, Irish music has been a part of it. So here's 20 or so of my favorites and a few newer songs through in.

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