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2013 Punk Rock Summer

June 12th, 2013

Since it has reach that too hot for only mad dogs and Englishman to got out in the mid day sun, I decided to do a playlist of songs that even in the darkest day of an Iowa February of Summer. Yeah I know it is a bit lazy and really the songs may seem a bit disjointed but what do you want from me it's hot!


Of course some of these songs I picked for their subject matter that is decidedly about summer but some just because they remind me of long last summers of the past. The summers of my younger years seemed to always involve new discoveries, new adventures, road trips with mixed tapes and the buying of countless records through out the upper Midwest.  Also it meant live music, crammed into two small venues, filled with cigarette smoke and the three or four bands that bothered to tour to the Midwest. Oh those wonderfully swamp like nights at Hairy Mary's then Safari and then Hairy Mary's again where Guinness flowed to the back drop of too loud music and the endless conversations with people of interest.


I can only hope that this list captures just a little bit of that humid fire.