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20 Dangerhouse Records Songs

May 12th, 2012

For this installment of my Spotify blog, I'm continuing with my Label series and this label is possibly  the most important Punk labels to come out the U.S. I say this not only because it is one of my favorite labels but because the label documented a scene and point in time that would do more to shape the punk and hardcore scene that would come after. When you trace back the roots of modern punk the trail almost always leads back to Southern California, DC and maybe Boston. The thing that stands out more than anything is that even the bands in Boston and DC will often state that their first influences were LA Bands and the Ramones. Sure the UK scene did effect the US punk scene but many of the styles and activities that we think of now, started in the heart of Hollywood with a handful of bands that revolved around the Masque scene. 


The Masque alumni would include X, The Bags, The Screamers, The Weirdos, The Germs, The Plugz, The Controllers, The Skulls, Black Randy and the Metro Squad, The Dils, The Avengers, The Zeros, The Eyes, The Deadbeats, F Word, Suburban Lawns, The Go Gos, Rhino 39 and countless other lesser known bands lost to time. From this basement venue in seedy old Hollywood, the Southern California punk scene would spread outwardly to infect just about every part of the US. 


Sadly there were very few labels that were willing to take a chance on most of the early bands but there were luckily a few independents that were will to take a chance. There was Bomb! Records but I wouldn't really call them a Punk Label. Though they put out some early punk singles, their focus was a great deal boarder. I think it's safe to say that the first Punk label in LA award has to go to What Records? which other than some extremely rare singles and a couple of comps there is very little out there and none on Spotify. Next in line was Dangerhouse and then later on Slash Magazine would start their label Slash Records. 


The thing that makes Dangerhouse stand out is the quality of the artwork and sound. Though often recorded totally DIY and on a four track it sounds better than a majority of the punk recording of the time and those that came after. Started by Pat "Rand" Garrett and David Brown under the influence of Black Randy. As legend as it the labels was named by some neighborhood kids referring to their punk pad as a Danger House. They would not only produce some of the most sought after records to come out of LA but to spear head the uses of clear plastic sleeves and screen printed picture discs. DIY at the core and supported by their day jobs Dangerhouse would go on to release 14 singles, 1 LP and the famous Yes LA compilation before calling it quits. 


Now I could go on and on about how collectable most of the Dangerhouse records are and I'm lucky enough to have the bragging rights of owning a few but this is Spotify and even though some of the recordings have be reissued in other formats and collections, mostly what I have to work with is the Compilations released by Frontier Records. If you would like to read more on the history of Dangerhouse I strongly suggest reading the Break My Face Page at I've added 4 songs that I feel are important but aren't on Spotify but can be found elsewhere.



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