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1994 Axiom Playlist

April 30th, 2014

Music has always been a big part of the Axiom and body piercing by me aka DaVo. It started when I was working at Creative Images and God bless her, I know that a lot of it drove Sherry nuts. Of course she liked a lot of it but not all of it and I'm not sure if I ever thanked her and the rest of the crew for putting up with it. So, in keeping with the sprit of my piercing anniversary, here is list of what I remember listening to in 1994. I'm sure there was a lot more of older stuff but for the sake of this list, I figured I'd stick with the mostly newer stuff.


1994 was not only the year that I started piercing but was in the first year that Punk broke through. Yes, I know the whole grunge thing happened a few years before that but though some of it was "punk" it wasn't really the punk I liked. Grunge was more like the post Damage SST records period. Not really punk but not really mainstream and all too often not very good. Nirvana was not Bad Religion and I don't know how to express how strange and empowering it was to hear KGGO play BR. I was always remember that moment. 


In my most fevered dream imagination I never and I mean never thought there would come a day when I would hear a punk band that I loved on commercial radio. It verified something that I had been saying since witnessing the end of Hardcore in 1996, that punk would come back and it would be stronger than it had ever been. So, if you listen to this playlist and feel like most of it is pop music it's because it was for the first time. Not pop punk but pop music.

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