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Welt - Broken Down

OK, so I have some time to kill and I'm wandering through Best Buy (I know, I know, buying CD's at Best Buy isn't punk, but when you live in Des Moines you get music where you can) getting annoyed by the fact that I can't find anything worth buying. When like a star shinning from the heavens, there it was the lastest release from Welt. Something on Doctor Dream in Best Buy? When's Fearless going to get to that level? So with shaking hands I pulled it from it's little shelf and checked the back to make sure it was the same Welt (how many times has the "Oh there's another band called_____" happened to you). Yes, it was in fact the same Welt so off to the check out and the dirty looks for paying cash in the land of Visa and Master Card.


Well I don't even have to sum up this record cause Welt does it for me with"I'm not going to change for anyone/I'm who I am till I'm dead and gone" from Stand. Though the first Track Broken is a little slower paced then some of the older stuff they still pack a punch that send you spinning toward tomorrow. Sticking to the tried and true 5 highlights I'd say that Lazy, Feel the Same, Everything's Ok Can't believe and Stand shine brightly.



44688-0131-2/Doctor Dream Records/16331 Gothard St/Suite D/Huntington Beach,CA 92647


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