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Fear - Have Another Beer

After taking a few years off in the late 80s(who could blame them)Fear reunited and did a few reunion shows. Before long it got down to just Lee Ving and the replacements of the orginal line up. This record is the fruit of the New Fear. Though the feel and pounding sound of Fear is still there missing are those odd ball guitar solos of Philo. It still without a doubt is a Fear record mainly because Lee Ving was a leading force in the band from the beginning.

The other difference is that there is a more political drive to the record's lyrics. Almost to the level of out and out red neck. Ving's lyrics have always been perty much tongue to cheek but with this offering he seems to cut more to the point and makes it hard to figure out if it's a joke or not. Songs like 'U.S.A.', 'Legalize Drugs', 'F-You Let's Rodeo' 'Honor & Obey' & 'Public Hangings' are at times border line homophobic, mosoginstic and Racist. Maybe it's the PC world we live in or a cry to become even more shocking I do not know. The thing I do know is that it does make you laugh as only Fear could. The Danger is in taking it to heart and taking it to heart. Then again it could be we have just forgotten that our entertainers are not educators. They as artist are to reflex the culture they come from and with the move to Austin, TX from LA. A change in that mirrored image is bound to happen.


Make no mistake though this is a leaner meaner Fear. There is a total of 3 out of 16 songs that are about beer. Including the best line of the album "Everybody needs to believe in something and I believe I'll have another beer." from 'I belive I'll have Another Beer'. Also there's a part 2 to 'Beef Bologna' called 'Meat & Potatoes'. Over a good record maybe even better then More Beer but not as good as The Record but then again who's as good as their past.



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