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This was originally limited to 1500 for some reason. I guess something special had to be done when Jeffrey died to tribute him. It's a double CD that comes in a black leather case/binder. Since it has been reissued as both a standard CD and Digital release. There's liner notes by Ward Dotson and Terry Graham. The lay out is nice and it really does a great job of telling the story of yet another lost soul of punk rock. If you haven't heard the Gun Club it may be hard to understand why anyone would go to the trouble to relase this but if you have heard them then you're wondering why more wasn't done. To often the gifted die young and no one cares and sadly this may be the case with Jeffrey Lee Pierce. Gun Club was a lot of things and counted in it's membership many of the people who helped to shape the LA punk scene including the also dead Rob Ritter. Make no mistake though Gun Club was all Jeffrey. The mixture of blues, folk, roots and punk created a sound that is now lost forever. There are those that have something in their head that is soley their own and that was the case here.


What we find here is the tip of the iceburg but it's some of the best. Included on the first disc is the Gun Club studio track from 81 of Goodby Johnny, Preach the Blues, Watermelon Man & Fire of Love. Also live track from The Continental in Buffalo, NY back in the spring of 82 which includes Ghost on the Highway, Walkin' with the Beast, I hear Your Heart Singing, Devil in the Woods, Goodbye Johnny, For the Love of Ivy, Bad Indian, Strange Fruit, Fire Spirt,Preach the Blues, Sex Beat & Jack on Fire. The second disc tends to drag mainly due to poor recording. It's called Six String Sermon and is a home recording of Jeffrey with an acoustic guitar. It's a mix of Traditionals and orginals.




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